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Oct 3, 2012 5:00pm EDT
dollarr to enforce intellectuaa prooerty laws.the money will go toward hhring officers to invesitgate such criies .... and purchasing new surveillance "we have seen far too often, thht i-p crimes are not victtmless. not only can they devastate individual lives, and legitimate businesesses, &pthey also undermine ourr stability."ancial stability." baltimore county ii among 13 pooice ddpartments receiiing a total of 2.4 million dollars in grants. no sitting in the carpool line.... kids across the coontry walked home from school today. p3 the sidewalks were crowded elementary in nnrtteast lton - baltimore.tte school teamed up with the university of maryland children's hospitall teachingg tudents how to follow ttaffic's ddy..... an annual initiative to reduce traffic deaths. "it's an issue because pedestrian injuries nd deaths for children under 18 are still a big issuee although our nnmbers have gone down in the pastt10 years, on average, about 500 kids die each year as aaresult of being pedeetriin" pedestrians." walk to school day is a national event.... with aasinkhole has
Sep 28, 2012 5:00pm EDT
ressonded to someeof these findings this morning... 5:20:300when i rrad it iisee the fact that no laws were broken and in addition to that just about all the equipmmnt that was purchased is being used today. :40 evenso, the information technology - office missed "significant cost savingssopportunities" the rrport alsoo uncovered...serious "conflicts of interest"among private that certaan workers involved in the purchase of phones... had onnections... toothe company selling them.5:20:53 we've revamppd the mayor's office of informaaion technology from the top tt thee bottom we have new people on board were working ith the comptroller's office to move tte city forward. when i talked with the comptroller over the phone... joan pratt expressed thh samm concerns she had monthssago. (old sot with pratt 2nd pkg double and i think it's a clear abuse - of the procurement process. since the investigatioo began several key staff members f the mayor's office of informatiin technology ave left the office. joy lepola fox 5 news at 5:00. it's our duty to hold elected officials
Oct 2, 2012 5:00pm EDT
and they pre losing money."> thh bbltimooe city law department has issued a statement - also laiming the video gaminn machines are illegal.but police are waiting until after a circuit court hearing later this week - to pursue enforcement.melinda roeder - fox 45 news at five. ravens veteran center... maat sex marriage debate. debate.birk in video: 3.14 "i encourage all of you to vote 'yes' on the marriage protection amendment on november 6th." 6th."in this video from the minnesota cathollc conference, birk urges reeiddnts to ban gay marriage in the state.he's the second raven to take a stand on the issue.last month, prendon ayanbbdajo spoke in √°suppoot√° of same-sex marriage in mmryland.baltimore coonty sttte delegate emmitt burns urged the ravenssthhn to silence ayanbadajo, but they, fans aree ounning off. fan1: "yeah, they're here to play football, but they can express their opinions just pou're in thh public eye, maybe you shouud keep your opinioos to yourself, but he has just as mmch a right as anyone eese to speakkwhat he actually feels." feels."birk says... he informed ayanba
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3